Saturday, January 12, 2008

Fish Tacos

This recipe is one that I created with my dear friend and fellow Bad Girl, Kiza. I think of her every time I make these. And for some reason I usually burst in song: specifically, Holiday, by Madonna. I just can't imagine why... They go especially well with an icy Corona with lime, right Kiza?

(because this is a homemade recipe, we've never measured our ingredients. I'll do my best to lead you to success)

2 lbs. white, firm boneless fish (anything that flakes well--we have used halibut, rockfish...)
chopped onion (about one medium)
Cajun Seasoning
Chopped cabbage
1 part sour cream
1 part mayonnaise (real)
Freshly ground pepper
Corn or flour tortillas
Lime wedges (1 lime = about 8 wedges)

Heat some vegetable or olive oil in a large saute pan. Fry up the fish all at once. About halfway through frying the fish, add the onions. The fish is done when it flakes easily, so just flake it all up (removing any large pieces of skin) in the pan, and sprinkle liberally with Cajun Seasoning. Historically we have used Cajun Seasoning from LePak, it seems to have the best flavor. Just use a prepackaged Cajun Seasoning that you enjoy, and don't be afraid to Use It. You're going for flavor, here. If you can't taste it, you haven't used enough. Turn off the heat and set fish aside.

While the fish is frying, you can be chopping up your cabbage (probably half a head will be plenty), as if you're making coleslaw--there's no real science to this step, just use your best judgement.

In a separate bowl, mix up about 1/2 cup sour cream, 1/2 cup mayonnaise, pepper and cumin to taste. (again, if you can't taste the cumin, you haven't added enough!). This may or may not be enough to coat your cabbage, so just mix up a bit more if you need to. Just remember to use the same amounts of sour cream and mayo. If you haven't already guessed, you pour this dressing over the cabbage and mix it together. You want enough dressing on the cabbage to coat it, but not drown it. If you put in too much dressing, simply add more cabbage. Simple.

You should probably warm your tortillas a bit. If you have a gas range, just do this over a low-medium flame, flipping every couple seconds until toasty (I just use my fingers to do this, and this is a skill that requires some finesse. And caution). If you don't have a gas range, just heat a pan on the stove top over about medium heat, and do your tortilla warming/flipping in there.

To serve:

Load up your tortillas with fish, top with cabbage and squeeze a lime wedge on top.

I honestly have no idea how many people this will serve. When we first made this recipe, it seemed like we fed a lot of people, because several unplanned guests stopped by and they simply could not resist making a couple tacos. This is a FUN dish to make and eat, and it's quite simple. You will love it.

Don't forget the Coronas!


Shell said...

I LOVE fish tacos!! I've made it before with Tilapia.

Shell said...

I LOVE fish tacos!! I've made it before with Tilapia.

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