Monday, September 29, 2008

Taste & Create October!

The lovely Nicole (aka myamii) of For the Love of Food and gracious host of the monthly Taste & Create event has asked for help this month. I am very excited to be guest-hosting this great event. The event will proceed as usual, with entrants needing to sign up by October 8th.

You may either leave a comment here to sign up or email me (you can find my email in the comments on Nicole's blog). Please don't forget to include:

o your name
o the name of your blog
o your blog’s address
o your email address

* You will receive an email with the partner list by the 11th of that month. You will need to go to the new Taste&Create website to get the link to your partner’s blog.

For the rest of the details, rules, etc. please refer to Nicole's info post. Submissions will be processed through the new T&C website (link above) as they come in. I will also be working on getting the remaining submissions from August posted as soon as possible.

I am so happy to be able to help. I look forward to a fabulous T&C event!

Nicole, have an excellent vacation in Ireland!


Pavani said...

Hi Min, I sent you my email already but I'm missing some info you needed. So I'm signing up again..
Name: Pavani
blog: Cook's Hideout
blog’s address:
email address:
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Count me in for October. Here's my information:

Becke (Columbus Foodie)

Teresa said...

I'd like to participate this month.

I'm Running to Eat

Jescel said...

Hi.. Please count me in for this month..


SilverMoon Dragon said...

I'd love to join in.

I'm SilverMoon from Dragon Musings

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