Sunday, February 3, 2008

Faux Pie Crust

Yesterday, I made Pear Pie. I have to tell you, is it delicious and you need to go bake one right now. I mean it. I also have to tell you, I did not make the pie crust. I could say that I didn't have time, whatever, I just didn't do it. I am planning to do it one of these days.

So I usually use Pillsbury Refrigerated Pie Crusts, you know the kind that come rolled up in a box in the refrigerated section of the grocery store? Only that brand, no other brand because the others don't taste as good. And I'm sure that's not news to anyone, and you're wondering, where's the Hint?

This time, I placed one crust on top of the other crust, and rolled them gently together with the rolling pin. This made the crust thicker, gave me more edge to work with, and miracle of miracles, brought it closer to tasting like a homemade crust! You should try it next time you want a pie but don't want to make a crust! It really is delicious. Try it when you make the Pear Pie you're planning on making...


marlow said...

Making pie crust is just as easy as purchasing it from the store, defrosting it, shaping/cutting. And it tastes so much better when you make it yourself!

3 lb flour (best if using all purpose or pastry flour)
2 lb fat (butter or shortening or a combination. the more shortening the flakier the crust)
1 lb water
1 ounce salt
(makes 12 8 inch pie shells)

hand mix flour and fat into hazelnut size pieces. Mix water and salt. And water to the flour mixture - just incorporate the two - don't over mix. Measure out the amount of dough needed. 1 ounce of dough per inch of crust. Shape into a disk. You can freeze the extra and use someother time - it will keep in the freeze for over a year.

Rolling out dough: shape into a egg shape. Roll out. If you really think you need to use some flour to prevent sticking, use very little. The more flour you add the less flaky the crust will turn out. Roll out dough until it is 1 finger longer then the pie shell. To place the dough into the pan; turn the pan over and cover the bottom, then set another shell on top and flip over. If you have plenty of extra pie pans, then keep the 2 pans together and place in the over upside down on a cookie sheet.

Bake at 350 degrees until edge is
brown. Turn shell right side up, remove extra pie pan and continue baking until dough is golden brown. You now have a parbaked shell ready to fill - this method even works great with fruit pies.

Marlow said...

For the homemade pie crust - use ice cold water!

Min said...

I know it's easy. I was just in a hurry, and I grabbed the crust I had in the fridge (that needed to be used anyway). None of my ingredients were cold either, and I needed to get the pie in the oven. I promise I will try homemade pie crust very soon! I was just impressed with the results of piling two storebought crusts into one = much better in a pinch.

Also, reddquilter keeps all her ingredients in the freezer, and uses a food processor (gently) to mix. (look for her recipe under Pear Pie)
Do you mix by hand? Just curious.

Also! Would you prebake your crust for pies that don't call for prebaking? There is so much I don't know!!

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