Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Winner! Homemade Rootbeer!

Thank you everyone for your entries for YOUR Grandma's Recipes. Just when it looked like I'd have to choose between one of my mom's cookie recipes and one of my mom's other cookie recipes, reddquilter pulled this out of the hat!

Number One has been coveting this recipe for years, while I have never actually sampled a bottle. After reading the story behind this more-than-50-year-old recipe, and sweet reddquilter's relatively recent history with rootbeer making, I am sold.

I cannot wait for summer so we can make this! We are saving every brown bottle we can get our hands on. We may even hold off on drinking Corona for a time (because it comes in clear bottles!) and switch to a brown-bottled variety. That is commitment, my friends.

And now, reddquilter's story, followed by the recipe! Congratulations, reddquilter!

"Brian's family have been making homemade rootbeer for more than 50 years. When Brian was young his job was to bottle the rootbeer after his mom had mixed up the brew. He hated that job hence he hated the rootbeer. It is a bit different than most homemade rootbeers. With less sugar than most recipes and with the addition of hops which gives it a most unique taste. Brian now loves the rootbeer, which we make each summer. Our kids and grandkids love the brew as well. I think it was a test when I was dating Brian , if I liked it then I was in, if not, it was time for Brian to look for a new girlfriend. Good thing I love it, for I am very lucky to have Brian in my life !"

Lambert's Homemade Rootbeer

1 bottle Hires extract (sorry to say that Hires doesn't make this any more, so use Shilling instead)
7 1/2 cups sugar
Hops (steep 1/4 to 1/2 cup in 1 quart boiling water for 5 minutes, strain and then make sure to cool down before adding to rest of mixture.) You can find hops in most health food stores.
1/2 tsp. yeast dissolved in warm water
Add enough water to make 5 gallons.

Bottle and cap. If you can't find a bottle capper we have found that you can reuse pop bottles (the plastic bottles, either size and screw the tops on very tightly). However, old (recapable not screw top) brown beer bottles work the very best.

Lay bottles on their sides and store in a warm dark place for about a week (in summer). It will take longer in cooler climates. Chill and enjoy!


Annie said...

This rootbeer truly is the best! I love to drink it straight from the bottle (or from a frosted mug from Grandma's freezer) sitting on the porch on a hot July night. I look forward to this refreshing beverage with bite all fall, winter, and spring!

Min said...

Oh I can't wait to make some!

Queeey said...

We may just have to try making this. It has been way to long since I've gotten the good stuff that is Lambert Rootbeer. Besides I need to indoctrinate my children so they fit in at family reunions. I didn't know you could do it in pop bottles! We are so doing this this summer.

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