Sunday, January 20, 2008

A Bad Girl's Cookbooks

Most of us have been taught to respect books. Take good care of books, don't write in books, etc.

I personally am of the opinion that we ought to write in cookbooks. They are ours, after all. If you typically make changes, add more or less spice, or try something that just simply didn't work, you should make a note of it somewhere.

What better place to make a note than in the margins of your own cookbook? That way, the next time you make it, you'll be reminded that it needs less sugar or more baking time or you like it best whatever way. Sometimes I just cross out the original amounts and write in my own. I have also been known to cross out entire recipes so I'm not tempted to try them again. That's the way I like it.

Don't be afraid, there is no such thing as The Cookbook Police. A pristine cookbook is a sign of a book that hasn't been used, and what's the point in that? I give you permission to embrace the Bad Girl that you are, and write in your cookbooks. You know you want to! Go ahead, put a star or two next to a favorite recipe. Write "We Love This!" You won't be sorry. And your kids (and others!) will also appreciate being able to recreate their favorite dishes, just the way you made them in your kitchen. What a lovely gift.

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