Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Special Tip for not-so-homemade Desserts...

My birthday was approaching. We found out one night in advance that we'd be having a couple house guests, and had plans for the actual day of my birthday, so we decided to have a special dinner with our house guests the night before my birthday.

Number One usually makes a dessert for me--of my choosing, from scratch. That's right, Whatever My Heart Desires! He will make it. He's the best. But with this last-minute change, he didn't have time. (to his credit, he did come home with a cake mix and frosting, but I had beat him to the punch.

After I dropped H-Bomb off at school that morning, I picked out a frozen cake. I decided it needed a little something extra, so I also picked up a can of country cherry pie filling. The "country" is very important here, because it means the cherries are a bit tart.

To serve, I carefully poured the cherry pie filling on a nice plate, then balanced the frozen cake on top of it at an artful angle. I stored it in the refrigerator until it was time for dessert. It was as simple as that, looked more appealing, and was very delicious.

The cherries pushed that little chocolate cake right over the top! Yum. My boys sang Happy Birthday to me, and we all enjoyed a black forest-esque cake.

I'm also envisioning a Coconut Cake atop a puddle of pineapple topping...the possibilities are endless!

*Chocolate Fudge Three-Layer Cake by Pepperidge Farm.

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Megan Harmeyer said...

What a great idea! And how sweet of him to make the extra effort even though plans had changed. And now I'm hungry - job well done. LOL

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