Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Organize Your Spices!

I have a lot of spices, some that I use on a regular basis, others only on occasion. As far as I am concerned, the ONLY way to make efficient use of time is to have the spices alphabetized. There, I said it. I started with Allspice and worked my way to Wasabi Powder. I have a lazy susan in my upper corner cabinet, where all my spices reside, and the shelves have little labels on them: A-O, P-Z.

It took a bit of work and brain power to set them up, but now every spice has a home, and I can easily find them and put them away. No more annoying, last-minute, empty-the-cabinet-to-find-the-Paprika moments of despair. I know it's right there, between the Oregano and the Parsley. And you won't end up with duplicates--you'll be able to find the Coriander and you won't need to go out and buy another one to make that special recipe.

I find I do have to explain my system to guests in my kitchen, but most agree that it is helpful. (I even know one other person who has alphabetized her own spices!) It's just one simple step you can take to save time and sanity in the kitchen. Trust me, it will make you happy. Go for it.

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