Saturday, August 15, 2009

Step By Step Cake Decorating: Spiderman & The Green Goblin

For H-Bomb's 6th birthday, he decided (last year, I think!) that he wanted a Green Goblin party. With Spiderman in attendance, of course, and thank goodness, because there aren't a lot of Green Goblin things out there!

I searched the internet for a cake pan that I could possibly turn into the Green Goblin, and finally found one: Wilton's Whimsical Witch. I found one on ebay, but there is also one available on amazon right now:

I figured since the Goblin has a hat, it wouldn't be too difficult.

For Spiderman, I just ordered a Wilton Spiderman Cake Pan. It sort of felt like cheating. I also ordered a special Wilton Spiderman Icing Color Set so I could get the "right" classic colors for Spiderman.

Two days before the party I baked the cakes, just box mixes, because the decorating is enough of a job for me with all the other party-planning. I had to bake two witch/goblins because the first one fell too much in the middle. That's okay, we had visitors the night before the party, so we ate that cake with them for dessert. I put the cakes on the same foil-covered board, which actually is a gorgeous Paula Deen pie board that I found at Walmart.

On the day before the party I mixed up two batches of Buttercream Frosting. I put a crumb coat on both cakes first, then divided the frosting up into separate bowls in order to mix up all the colors I would need for the two different cakes: red, dark blue, light blue, black, white, green and purple.

I put a little bit thicker crumb coat on the "witch's" face so I could have a cleaner drawing board to change it into the Green Goblin.

Then I started mixing up colors. I decided to work on Spiderman first, so I mixed up the blues and red.

I put the light blue on the cake sides and the edges surrounding Spiderman.

Then I filled in Spiderman's eyes with white and outlined them in black. I also outlined Spiderman and all his webbing in black.

I decided that since I had the black frosting in a bag, I should outline the features of the Green Goblin as well. I drew his face and details right on the cake with a toothpick, then traced the toothpick lines with frosting. I decided to make his eyes red, and did them somewhat smoothly like the Spiderman eyes.

The nice thing about cartoon or comic book characters? They are drawings originally, so I feel like they are a bit forgiving when I draw them on cakes.

I also decided that I need to remove a bit of the Green Goblin cake, namely the witch's hair on the left side, because I couldn't figure out what to do with it. It didn't make sense for that piece to be part of the Goblin's purple costume, and it just looked sort of weird so I cut it off.

I filled in Spiderman with dark blue and then red, using a #16 star tip, and it appears that I was moving too quickly to take any pictures. Then I filled in the Green Goblin with green, using the same #16 star tip. I used some of Spiderman's dark blue to fill in the "extra" areas, which looked nice and alluded to sky if he was flying around. See, you can make just about anything make sense!

I filled in Green Goblin's hat and shirt with purple, and both cakes were finished! It really didn't take very long, just refrigerating the frosting if it got too soft, and then letting it sit on the counter to warm up if it got too cold and hard. I was finished before dinner time, and even had time to drink a glass of wine with my friend Catherine!

H-Bomb declared that the cakes looked "AWESOME." That is good enough for me!

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