Saturday, August 20, 2011

Godiva Chocolate Coconut Truffle Iced Coffee

As part of Foodbuzz Tastemaker program, I received two bags of Godiva coffee: Chocolate Truffle and French Vanilla flavors! I was asked to create a special iced coffee drink. Of course I started with the Chocolate Truffle Coffee...

If you'd like an iced coffee drink that doesn't get watered down, plan ahead and freeze coffee cubes in an ice cube tray. Otherwise you can use regular ice cubes. From there, you can use them whole or throw your ingredients in a blender for a yummy frozen coffee. Your choice.

Chocolate Truffle Coffee, dark chocolate sauce, and coconut syrup combine to make a luscious and refreshing Chocolate Coconut Truffle Iced Coffee!

Godiva Chocolate Coconut Truffle Iced Coffee
Serves 1

Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee, brewed and cooled
Ice Cubes or Frozen Coffee Cubes
about 1 tablespoon Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce
1 ounce Monin Coconut Syrup
Half & Half, to taste
Whipped cream, optional...or required...

Add Monin Dark Chocolate Sauce to a 16-ounce glass and fill glass with ice cube. Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee, filling up to about 1 inch from the rim. Add Monin Coconut Syrup, top off with half and half, and stir well until all chocolate is stirred in.


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girls who like to gorge said...

This sounds great! Love the name of this blog, it's awesome!

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