Friday, August 20, 2010

The Paris Chronicles: 1st Meal!

Some of you just might recall that we recently went to Paris!!! Really, this would have to be your absolute first visit to my blog to not be aware of that fact.

We had an amazing trip! A week in Paris, then a train ride and rental cars to the French countryside for another week at our friend's country house. Fabulous! It was my little family, including me, Number One, H-Bomb and Sawed Off, along with Grandpa & Mary, and of course our friend Jean-Claude.

While I don't have very many actual recipes from our trip (aside from the traditional country cookbooks I picked up at a grocery store in the country), I did EAT A LOT. I promised I would share the food with you, so here goes!

Our plane landed in Paris about an hour ahead of schedule at 10:30AM, which means after we found our luggage, Jean-Claude found us and we rode the RER into the city, walked a few blocks to our hotel and checked in, it was past time for lunch! We stopped at Jean-Claude's studio (across the street from our hotel), where he made a call to a friend of his who owns a cafe, because it was getting to be mid-day closing time for most cafes and shops, and they agreed to Stay Open Just For Us! Incredible.

We walked through the neighborhood to the cafe, just a few blocks from our hotel. I regret that I was too tired to take a photo of the front, or even notice the name of the place, but I did take a couple photos of the menus, which were on the walls around the cafe.

And as you can see, we really did have the place all to ourselves! (that's our table in the back, behind the stairs)

Jean-Claude picked a house wine, I believe it was a merlot, and it was wonderful after the long flight. It was just so lovely to be in Paris!

I chose the Salade Folle de Canard, which was a scrumptious salad with thin slices of duck and cubes of fried pork on top. It was fabulous!

Number One and Grandpa both had the Salade Mouegasque, which featured warm herbed goat cheese in a spectacular pastry bundle on top of zucchini.

I don't remember what Mary and the boys ate, but I do remember my luscious dessert: Profiteroles! (very soon you will see a recipe on the blog for these babies, because I ate a LOT of them, and I know how to make them!)


Edana said...

This IS my first visit to your blog! Well, not really; I visited a while ago and clicked the "google friend connect" button and it took this long for you to actually show up in my RSS feed. And I'm jealous! I want to go to Paris again...I was 12 when I went with my family and it would be so much better now. I want French food!

TLorehand said...

are you back from france yet? I would love to see the Profiteroles recipe, even though and I could be wrong here. I looks like cream puff shells with ice cream and chocolate sause poured over and almonds on top or is that chocolate curls?

Either way it looks so yummy.

Chris said...

That pastry and goat cheese sounds just divine.

Pretty Zesty said...

Oh I so want to be there right now!!

Min said...

Edana, I didn't post while I was in France, which is why it took so long for a post from me to show up! And yes, GO!

I'm Taria, you can use the pastry recipe for profiteroles to make cream puffs (which are then filled with pastry cream). So they are similar, but these were consistently The Best Pastry (I had them at least three times~). I think the pastry, ice cream and chocolate is what makes them a classic French dessert. And I honestly can't remember if it was chocolate curls or some kind of nuts on top! These were just so amazing, I've never ever had a puff pastry of any kind that even came close to these. (and yes, I'm back!)

Chris, it was! (I got to try a bite!)

And Kris, I am so missing Paris!

threesidesofcrazy said...

Glad you had such an awesome trip! Can't wait to see those recipes too.

Caroline King said...

Yet another useful entry for me. You keep putting out some great info!

Rene' said...

I'm glad u had fun, I love reading your writing, its so interesting.looking forward to more info on the trip, I'll check the other blogs.

Paula said...

I love your blog!

This looks so delicious!

Have a nice time!

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