Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Great Sourdough Experiment, Day Two

I started this experiment yesterday, when I substituted Virgil for water in MaryJane's Sourdough Starter recipe. This morning, at feeding time, I discovered this:

I think I'll name him Horatio.

MaryJane says you're supposed to feed the starter for 6 days straight, and use it on the 7th day. Well, we jump started our recipe with Virgil. This starter has already grown so much and Number One says it "smells ready," we're using it on Day 2!!

Number One is trying it out this morning on some Cowboy Sourdough Biscuits. He's not too happy that I made the sourdough starter with whole wheat flour, but I told him that's how MaryJane said to do it. He said he's going to get his own sourdough jug and make his own sourdough starter, so there, he said.

I will keep you posted on all that of course. One of these days, Number One will become a "Bad Girl" yet. Mark my words. (negotiations have begun, don't tell anyone I told you).

For now, this sourdough starter is looking promising. Even if it is whole wheat. Not that there's anything wrong with that...


Jen Pack said...

What brand of whole wheat flour did you use for your starter? I think I'd like to start a second starter with whole wheat (I have one now with the organic King Arthur all purpose flour). Thanks!

Min said...

I have no idea what brand of flour we used. Any kind would be just fine! (we are limited to whatever brand the teeny-tiny grocery carries...)

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